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Sunday, 14 August 2016

iOS10 Top 20 Secret Features for iPhone and iPad

Apple introduced major changes to its mobile operating system during the presentation of IOS 10 at WWDC in June. However, the Cupertino company face a few surprises reserved for its official launch in September ...

The new software implemented in the iPhone and iPad incorporate some secret features that make iOS 10 to be the best mobile operating system in history. And today, in this article, we present all of them.

So, if you want to discover the hidden new IOS 10 read and knows everything about the new Apple mobile operating system before installing on your iPhone and / or iPad.

20 secret functions of IOS 10

1. Image Search

Messages application of IOS 10 include an option to search for images, Stickers and GIFs through the App Store icon, and can download and install packages and applications exclusively for the iMessage platform.

2. Sending low - resolution images

If you go to Settings> Messages You can activate a new functionality of iOS 10 to send images in low quality to save mobile data during transfer (and save storage space receiving files).

3. Deleting text via 3D Touch

Many users have reported the existence of a new function discovered in iOS 10 deletes text much more quickly using the 3D Touch technology by pressing firmly on the "Backspace" button on the keyboard.

4. Automatic Download Apple Music Albums

With the arrival of iOS 10 you'll be able to download any content from your Apple Music account by clicking on the "+" button. Activate the function is very easy, just go to Settings> Music> Downloads and enable automatic downloads.

5. Music Storage Management

IOS 10 you can save additional storage space to allow your iPhone or iPad to manage your music automatically downloaded from Settings> Music> Downloads.

6. Filtering emails

The Mail app IOS 10 has implemented a system of filters to emails. By clicking the button email filtering application will show only unread emails.

7. Cancellation of subscription Mail

If you're sick of newsletters, spam, and spam, you're in luck because with IOS 10 a button will be incorporated to unsubscribe from such services on top of each email, and only with a tap.

8. Concealment of native applications

In order iOS 10 will be possible to hide or hide Apple native applications on iPhone and iPad. Although not definitively be eliminated as previous rumors suggested.

9. Split View in Safari

It was one of the most requested features in iOS 9 and now with iOS 10 has arrived. Split View is a multitasking feature that lets you split the screen into two to use and interact with multiple applications simultaneously. So, now you can open two windows at the same time in the Safari web browsing app on your iPad.

10. Triple Split View on iPad Pro

Thanks to its huge size, the tablet 12.9 inch iPad Pro features support multitasking Split View Safari with the option to interact with 3 applications simultaneously.

11. unlimited tabs in Safari

Apple will allow users to open as many tabs as they wish in the native application web browsing iPhone and iPad.

12. Close all tabs

In addition to the unlimited tabs, the new mobile operating system closes all tabs in a much faster by keeping your finger on the button of the tabs at the top right corner of the iPad. And in the iPhone by holding down on "Done" in the view tab.

13. Prioritize installing apps

Using 3D Touch can prioritize downloading and installing applications from the App Store, making you first install the ones you want.

14. Parking reminder Apple Maps

If you have a car equipped with carplay, or a standard Bluetooth system, you can receive notifications on your iPhone when you leave your car, and you will see exactly where you parked from Apple Maps.

15. Touch 3D functions in the Control Center

In the iOS Control Center 10 plus new panels for Music and HomeKit, they have included features 3D Touch buttons for camera, flashlight, timer and calculator.

16. Picture Editing Messages

Apple has improved photo editing in the Photos application, and also has built-in Messaging. Now, in iOS 10, you'll signaling and marking elements with arrows photographs and drawings.

17. Elimination of all notifications

You no longer need to have to press the "X" of each of the notifications in the Notification Center of IOS 10 if you have 3D Touch in your iPhone. If you press firmly on the "X" at the top you will find a new option to remove all notifications in one fell swoop.

18. Raise to Wake

The Raise to Wake function allows users to turn the iPhone screen with Touch second generation ID, but not to unlock the device.

19. Capturing photos while playing audio

IOS 10 you can take a picture while you're listening to your favorite songs on iPhone and iPad, something that was not possible until now. Though if you capture a video or Live Photo playback stops.

20. Share Notes with other users

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that with IOS 10 have the opportunity to share notes with friends and / or relatives thus enabling modify content in groups.

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