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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

IOS10: What's New?

Apple has introduced all kinds of new features in the new iOS 10. The Cupertino company has completely renovated the design of many elements of the mobile operating system, starting with the screen lock , to the Notification Center , through the Rapid Response , the Control Center , and Widgets.

Widgets were launched in iOS 8 as the ideal complement Notification Center, however, with 10 iOS widgets are available in more places. They continue to appear on the Today tab Notifications Center, but also in the Lock Screen and Home Screen.

In addition, iOS 10 Widgets allow users to have more content, more information, more interactions, and more features.

Comparing Widgets IOS 10 with the Android, one of the aspects to be highlighted on iPhone and iPad is the design, the latest mobile operating system Apple Widgets have a new style, which provides a much more elegant and minimalist design in Android.

Yes, perhaps in Android Widgets are more customizable, since IOS is a closed system, but running widgets is much more useful and practical in IOS 10. They are just different. And Apple offer a better user experience.

What's new iOS10?

First, as mentioned above, now users can interact with widgets from the lock screen, sliding your finger to the left. But they can also do from the Home Screen and Notification Center.

With the arrival of iOS 10 Widgets can perform many more actions and functions. For example, users can use the 3D Touch to access information in seconds and interact with them in Siri.

Additionally, each Widgets now has a button "Show more" to reveal the content you want to watch, so your screen is not filled with uncomfortable elements throughout the interface as other mobile operating systems ... 😉

Finally, and not least important, iOS 10 users will have the ability to add widgets capable of playing audio and video content. Ideal for best goals of the day, watch the trailers of movie premieres, or listen to the songs of the moment, all within 2 taps.

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