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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

iPhone 7 Color Space Black Home button compatible with 3D Touch

Rumors about the iPhone 7 before the final launch of a new iPhone model year 2016 began with more. The mentioned frequently during this inescapable subject of a new iPhone 7 Black Space Black Home button and touch support 3D Touch.

The sources of foreign revenue raised two issues in this speech, and confirmed that we will see the iPhone 7 Color Space Black with 3D Touch the Home button for sure. One of them is EverythingApplePro has uploaded a video outlining the possibilities of iPhone 7 in this video.

iPhone 7 Space Black & 3D Touch Home Button Confirmed!

EverythingApplePro reporter about the iPhone 7 has to give an opinion based on data from Bloomberg, the news and confirmed that Apple will launch the iPhone 7 new models with new color Space Black with a Home button touch support 3D Touch. in the video, he discusses the possibility of such assumption. And other matters Interesting about the iPhone 7 as follows.

Mockup of the iPhone 7 a similar fall to the lot of Review.

It is true to say that EverythingApplePro because in the last 2-3 months from now. We have seen pictures off Mockup seen holding a model of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus review vastly question is how he got it. Why has this thoroughly and well.

Although the Mockup used for the most part it's true, but why so many people to review it? And look outside are the same at all as a camera back up camera, rear two in version 5.5-inch band signal back away. Go Speakers have up to two sides and no headphone jack and so on.

Off Color Space Black iPhone 7 parts have to see it.

Parts for iPhone 7 Color Space Black, who dropped to see a variety of formats. Whether the iPhone 7 piece caseback SIM card tray piece Mute button and Mockup latest model iPhone 7 Plus.

"It looks like I want it," This is what the video shows that the iPhone 7 Color Space Black is a color that many people have been waiting for many years and it is expected that Apple would not be contrary to the needs of many users. assuredly It is also not clear that the colors Space Black iPhone 7 Plus models come in one version or not. The leaked parts And built a Space Black color is mostly the iPhone 7 Plus.

Bloomberg tonight! New features in the iPhone 7

Credible sources and have the expertise to analyze Bloomberg. He has to analyze and decide on the possible features of the iPhone 7 on several issues. (Analysis by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg), including the contract is expected back lost. No headphone jack 3.5 mm., And has two built-in camera, 5.5-inch version.

The camera features of the two increases the quality of the rear camera. Quality shooting in low light and two cameras to photograph the same act. Then the overlap made greater detail. And added features Zoom picture even better.

Bloomberg tonight! Touch the Home button again to support 3D Touch the iPhone 7.

This is very interesting that Bloomberg has decide that iPhone 7 new version will not use the Home button, press the same, but use the Home button is compatible with the touch-enabled 3D Touch because it expected that Apple may have been Feedback. the great increase in the Trackpad Macbooks can use support pressure (force touch) have.

Features of hitting a Force Touch increase the variety and convenience of using the device even more. Because many people have commented that the Macbooks do not need to use Mouse Trackpad because it can do almost everything and Mouse do think Apple will add this feature to the iPhone 7 new models as well.

The video clips are also analyzing the possibility of the iPhone 7, otherwise it is like a video showing a prototype machine is running. By Sensor page is added on top of the speaker, iPhone 7 will use Chip A10 course and the possibility of headphones iPhone 7 could be the Lightning or Lightning adapters are bundled.

EverythingApplePro point emphasized is the possibility of a new iPhone 7 colors Black Space Black Home button and touch-up features two 3D Touch because many people are watching and paying attention a lot.

iPhone 7 Near launch!

Predicts that Apple will launch the new iPhone on September 7, 2559, rumors began to see each other more than ever. Need to continue and win as many as I have analyzed it or not.

Thanks - EverythingApplePro

Following brief update on iPhone 7 iPhone 7 includes everything you need to know. 
IPhone 7 rumors or watching the latest rumors, the latest iPhone 7.


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