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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

IPhone 7 could be the iPhone's Colorful History

Just within a week Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 to the world and as we enter the final stretch, do not stop coming to light rumors and leaks. One of the last things to appear on the network is an image showing the SIM tray in a total of 5 different colors.

Should this leak is true, the iPhone 7 become the most colorful Apple smartphone to date. Although no mistake, because with colorful we do not mean to bright and colorful, but to a greater number of colors to choose from.

And it is that as you can see in the picture, these so- called SIM iPhone 7 trays show a total of five different colors: black, silver, gray, gold and rose gold. Moreover, it is not the first time we talk about the possibility that Apple introduced the black color from the options to choose from in the iPhone 7 so that this leak sounds quite strongly.

Apple could add a new color to choose from on the iPhone 7

If there is no surprise the iPhone 7 will retain largely the design of the current iPhone 6s, although there will be slight changes, such as the location of the lines of antennas or the shape of the rear camera. Do not forget that the 5.5-inch model could bring a dual-lens camera.

Another change would be for the iPhone 7 is in the colors. While it is true that the 4 colors in which we find the iPhone 6s would remain, we should add one more: the so - called black space.

The new space black would be a much darker gray to space and have a glossy finish, while the other is matte. On the other hand, in the image of the trays for the SIM card you can see that the spatial gray would be slightly darker than the one used for the iPhone 6s, although it can not confirm 100% because it may vary slightly conditions light in which the image was taken, as well as poor image quality.

Anyway, we have to wait a week to see if finally this leak is true and if Apple will sell the iPhone 7 in a total of five different colors.

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