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Monday, 29 August 2016

IPhone 7 could be presented on September 7

After a year of rumors, until almost the last day we will not know for sure what day will be chosen by Apple for the final presentation of the new flagship, the iPhone 7 and his older brother iPhone 7 Plus. The latest reports we have indicate several dates (7, 12 and 16 September). First of all is the one that is stronger today.

According to a latest report from the website BGR, Apple would be thinking of bringing together the press the next day on September 7. Some invitations have already several media with that date arrived, but has not yet confirmed any information from the Cupertino, on the content of this appointment.

All look forward to the keynote presentation of the new iPhone in July, and we can not. It seems strange date, since September 7th is Wednesday, and Apple often make presentation on Mondays or Fridays. Perhaps more would have felt a keynote on 12 September. Anyway, it seems possible that date, as Apple usually has its flagship on the shelves of the Apple Store at the end of September every year.

One of the other data mentioned in those invitations is the possibility of presenting iOS 10 in its final version. So far, we know that the new iPhone 7 will come with a capacity base 32GB storage , eliminating the Jack 3.5mm connection that settled from the beginning, with protection against water and dust, and a dual lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus .

Hopefully soon -this week, please - Apple confirmed the date of the next keynote where the brand new iPhone 7 and its vitaminada version are presented to the world as much hype is not good, nor for the follower Apple user as. for the market itself, which Apple shares do not stop quiet for a moment.

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