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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

IPhone 7 could have 32GB of initial storage

Another picture, this time of better quality, has been posted on Twitter by @the_malignant account and aims to be a genuine prototype iPhone in July.

In the photograph an identification label prototype is with the legend beginning in "1902 of 3000," with a return date of Aug. 29, according to the source who posted these images on Twitter says that "evidence of the season is over ". The device is labeled a "D10," something consistent with previous published photos of a supposed "iPhone 7" running the Apple software testing.

From the Twitter account where this image was published he has hinted that Apple had at least three varieties of prototype, including the D10, D11 and D12, which follows the line of the rumors that the company was considering three different variants "iPhone 7", one of them is possibly the "Pro" model, but nevertheless, it is believed that the Cupertino company will opt for the launch of two models, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Several credible reports have indicated that Apple will increase the default storage to 32 gigabytes, because prices have fallen memory, except that the initial 16 gigabytes offered in previous models of previous iPhones are no longer sufficient.

These changes in storage options is caused by applications and iOS applications itself gradually have grown larger and more who have contracted cloud services to upload your files, still they need considerable physical space to store at least temporarily. To give an example, the iPhone 6s can record video at 4K, but models of 16 GB can store a small amount of video files that resolution, so that the recording 4K is limited by the storage capacity of the device .

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