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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

IPhone 7 could have an improved Quick Charge System

IPhone is expected to bring great changes in July and improvements, such as eliminating the jack or the inclusion of the first button touch with Force Touch Home . There is now necessary to add another novelty, is that according to the latest rumors in the network, the iPhone 7 could have improved fast charging system.

No doubt the arrival of fast charging the iPhone 7 would be great news, because it is one of the features most requested by many users of iPhone. In addition, there are many competing models that have this feature for some time now.

Can you imagine being able to load half the battery of your iPhone in just half an hour? This could be possible in the iPhone 7 thanks to the rapid charging function. Here we have more details on this improved system which could include the future flagship Apple.

Is the iPhone 7, the first Apple smartphone with fast charging will be?

This rumor, released by the Twitter user @the_malignant says that the iPhone 7 will have an improved system that would significantly reduce loading times of the device. It is not the first time Apple gets something behind when implementing a feature on their devices, but when the time does quite sure that offer a great user experience and reach.

According to this rumor, the new circuits enable a load of 5V2A, which would drastically reduce loading times iPhone 7. It is not known for sure how much charging time is reduced, but it is one of the features most requested by users for some time, as with wireless charging, for which it seems we'll have to keep waiting.

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