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Thursday, 4 August 2016

iPhone 7 Plus Blue: Prototype Video

BeSound, a Chinese company, has developed a prototype iPhone 7 Plus blue to help promote its new product, a headset thunder.

The prototype is based on the current rumors about the iPhone 7. Includes a Smart Connector, removal of jack 3.5 mm., A dual camera, and a redesigned antenna bands.

BeSound initiative is strategically wonderful. And even more so considering that nobody knows what Apple will do with respect to EarPods. It is a mystery.

Listed below are a small number of choices that Apple could opt EarPods referring to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

  • Bluetooth EarPods
  • Lightning + Wireless charging EarPods
  • Lightning + Battery Built EarPods
  • Lightning Adapter + Wireless charging

The advent of wireless charging the iPhone 7 has been rumored since early this year 2016. However, few leaks have come on this topic. However, if Apple chooses a EarPods Lightning, wireless charging should be present. And how the hardware will be implemented? Very simple, wireless charging will be incorporated through the magnetic fields of Smart Connector.

When we discovered for the first time the rumor of a Smart Connector on the iPhone in July we did not give credit. Why would Apple want to use a Smart Connector on a smartphone? For one Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro? Now we see everything much clearer for wireless charging and other third-party accessories.

Then we leave you with the video of the prototype iPhone 7 Plus and thunder blue headphones BeSound:

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