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Saturday, 27 August 2016

IPhone 7 would be riddled with defects and production delays

We are in full countdown to Apple to publicize its new line of iPhone, but still there seems to be some production problems with key components of the device, partly related to the yields on providing the new camera lens dual that included in the "iPhone 7 Plus".

According to the report provided by the Asian Nikkei site, it unveiled the "iPhone 7" could face supply problems at launch. It is expected that the next smartphone from Apple itself known within weeks, potentially in a presentation provided for Sept. 7.

Also it comes to light that some component of the next iPhone have performance problems, forcing the Cupertino company to cut production iPhone 120 million units 114 million.

Beyond the new dual camera system implementation in the supposed "iPhone 7 Plus," he suggested the rumor that Apple has also been plagued by defects in a new waterproof speaker phone plans to include in this year.

The waterproofing is expected to be a key update feature this year and it would be possible to some extent due to the elimination of the headphone jack of 3.5 mm .For other hand, it is believed that the device will adopt a new button start with haptic feedback to favor the impermeability of the smartphone.

Is expected to be at least 13 million iPhone units sold during the first 7 days after the launch, same number of iPhone 6s sold during the first three days of availability units last year. Investors take into account the successful launch of the iPhone 7 as a potential indicator of how well the product will be sold during its lifetime.

It is believed that Apple will not be able to build as many units "iPhone 7" in the second half of this year as it did with the iPhone 6s during the same period of 2015. The production forecast is 74 million "iPhone 7" for the second half of the year, compared with an estimated 84 million units of iPhone 6s made last year.

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