IPhone7 "will feature optical image stabilizer

How well you will know most of you, so far only the model 'Plus' has counted with optical image stabilization, a feature that as a final filtration, also come to iPhone 4.7 7 inches.

Before continuing, and if any of you are not familiar with the term, thanks to the optical image stabilization got counteract vibrations and sudden movements of the user when taking a photo or record a video.

Well, as you can see in the picture above, the iPhone 7 would be the first iPhone 4.7 "of the company have such technology, which as I said, will help take pictures without moving or videos more stable .

As will be thinking, why would the optical stabilization 4.7 - inch model is because the 'Plus' version will have a dual camera, thus becoming the first device to feature the company said chamber.
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