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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Lock and unlock your iDevice without using the buttons

With this tweak we can extend the life of the physical buttons of our device, just talking Button Lock and the Home button and we use much these two buttons daily and with this tweak we will stop but that if we have to sacrifice a little more battery.

SmartTap has a cost of $ 1.99 in the BigBoss repository on Cydia, is compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhone iOS9.3
SmartTap gives your iPhone, iPod or iPad a new impossible feature:
You can turn on the screen by double tapping it while its completely off! (similar to a few other phone brands' Knock capability)

SmartTap not allow, turn on the screen or lock your device when demos double tap on the screen, we can also unlock your device by sliding from the bottom up, we can also open an application if glide from the top down, it automatically works if we do not have a password in our system, but we have to put the code or use the TouchID but still very good functions. To better understand the operation of this tweak is better to see the video.

Compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhone iOS9.3

When the tweak is installed on our device we will leave a menu of settings within the application settings where we will be able to have tweak or even disable it. We can select actions double tap or when slid up or down when the screen is off, bone, when your device is locked.

We will also have the option to enable or disable two things we can do when our device is unlocked by double tap to lock in the Homescreen or Lockscreen.

The Smart Touch Detection option helps the device does not recognize false touch screen and so do not do things we do not want, it is advisable to have it activated. We may also add that every time we want this active this tweak as much battery obviously can toil away if we always active. Finally we can set the hours we sleep for the tweak automatically stop working during that time.

 It’s available right now for $1.99, and works with the iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

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