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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Manage your voice mail with Super VoiceMail (jailbreak)

 In this article, we present the Super VoiceMail jailbreak tweak that adds a new application to the Home screen that lets you manage your voice messages. Here we show what is capable of doing this tweak.

Clicking on any voice messages that you have a playing interface that is at the bottom of the application to hear the message. As you can see, the voice messages that do not yet heard display a banner of "new" about them to know they are unopened.

The application also has a sidebar that can open to access more features and options.

You'll see that the sidebar includes not only settings but also find a way to send voice messages via email to yourself or someone else, a way to change your greeting recording and more.

In terms of configuration, the tweak has lots of features where you can take advantage of them, including the ability Touch ID, password lock application, use gestures Activator, voice transcription, are included etc.

Note that the feature of voice transcription is not activated in Super VoiceMail, although the developer says the tweak already have the code to do so, but has not yet been finalized and is still adding the finishing it touches.

When you want to set the greeting message, you can use your own voice, or take advantage of Siri to synthesize a text to speech.

When you call, the screen is coated with an image of cassette tape, in addition to displaying information of who is calling.

Finally, Super VoiceMail has a large section of settings where you can set the tweak to your liking.

Super VoiceMail is priced at $ 2.99, but has a different type of system purchase. The tweak is a free download from Cydia, but after downloading, you will be prompted to activate it by sending a payment to the developer, to receive an activation code.

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