New filtration certifications EAEU reveal the iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch 2 and AirPods

 Apple is close to its big event, which will take place during September . The company, despite not give the date so explicitly, he did it through a call for your next event, which will take place during the day on September 7. The meeting place will be in the city of San Francisco, USA; where the company is expected to finally reveal the much-rumored iPhone 7 which have been occurring more leaks and rumors just a few days of his possible departure.

As if that were not enough, during the day, comes a new filtration by These images were released a couple of minutes ago on the network, and show us the EAEU certifications iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; confirming that if there are two versions of the model. With both devices bare, it is logical to see the long - awaited announcement of the iPhone 7 which, until now, shown under code A1778 for normal model and A1784 for the Plus version .

Apple would also be introducing the Apple Watch 2 and AirPods during your event

Fortunately, not everything comes together with the emergence of the iPhone 7. If more detail on the filtered image, you may notice three distinct models for the Apple Watch 2; the second edition of the smart watch created by Apple . This indicates that the company wearable, would also be released during the day on September 7, the date on which Apple, will be performing at your big event.

Last but not least, in certificates revealed by, AirPods also shown. For those not familiar with this product; They are wireless headphones, which are connected to devices via Bluetooth. Previously, they had revealed some leaks about the existence of these headphones; but they had not confirmed until today.

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