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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Nexus interface (2016) of Google

Android development N going full steam ahead, rumors of new terminals in collaboration with Google is approaching and we know that should not be much to see both. Both new Nexus surely manufactured by HTC as Android 7.0 will be with us soon, may even in August.

Now comes the latest news on the Nexus and is regarding its interface, exactly the launcher. The launcher, make no mistake, it is part of the system interface covering what is being "desktop" and the application drawer of your device.

Open the application drawer no longer be the same

If you think the launcher of the Nexus, the Google Now Launcher, the first thing you can think of is the icon of the application drawer. White and round, with six pinholes inside. Well, it's over. The known application drawer icon disappear with Android 7.0 and no longer shall open it with a touch but sliding.

As we see in the images published by Android Police , from now the application drawer sliding open from the bottom of the screen, where we have applications that have defined (as before) and a small arrow marking the gesture. All this on a white background pretty transparent.

Moreover, the Google search bar will no longer be fully present but appear the famous "G" for Google in the upper left side instead. You search by clicking there will open while sliding from the left side will access Google Now, as before.

Renew or complicated?

Among other changes, we have small aesthetic improvements in the application drawer. Applications will still orderly as usual and at the top is a space with a white background and a soft blue-green indicates that there can find applications.

Now On Tap also you receive changes. Exactly not find any results will show you several shortcuts to create a reminder, an event, an alarm or direction to work. See changes it is always something you like but change the way you work to which we are accustomed not usually like both users. How do you see it? Now is wait for the official arrival of the Nexus, scheduled for the end of the year.

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