new pictures iPhone 7 Plus seep into space black color -


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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

new pictures iPhone 7 Plus seep into space black color

A few months ago we started seeing the first signs that the iPhone 7 would come in Space black color. What they were supported by rumors and media reports that reinforced more and more to them. Because this does not seem to be enough, there have been a lot of new photos showing the new smartphone Cupertino company in spatial black color, as well as being in the same a number of interesting features.

Beyond the odds of seeing a iPhone 7 in Space black color, are uncertain, we thought it would be interesting to gather some of the renderings that have seen so far and know how popular the probability of including this option alternative color .

Many of the images that have circulated of alleged new models smartphones Apple distinguished for small details, such as shown photographs of three possible models of iPhone, or in other photos is achieved visualize that the Plus model includes a smart connector at the back.

Finally, there is such a variety of photographs and videos that it is difficult to believe that these provide accurate information about the new smartphone from the Cupertino company.

Still, it is interesting to see the odds that exist about shaping the iPhone 7 and further considering that one of its possible features highlights naked eye color.

Here we present one of the last photos of a supposed iPhone 7 Plus in an alternative color.

In the image below we present one of the conceptual renderings Martin Hajek's designer.

In this rendering of @appledesigner shown an iPhone 7 which gives the appearance of being composed of glass in the rear.

Here another image of ShaiMizerachi shown with antenna lines in silver color.

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