Niantic is now permanently ban players : who cheat the game Pokémon GO.

Niantic game creators Pokémon GO has announced officially that it will begin to permanently ban players. For players who cheat the game Pokémon GO later found to have some players began to find ways to cheat many more formats.

A form of cheating are many Pokémon GO games like cheating the GPS, using Emulator customizable, allowing players to use Bots and other software. That does not have permission to access the Pokémon GO to customize or cheat.

If the Bots to play Pokémon GO.
We will ban you permanently - Niantic.

Respect the rules of the game Pokémon GO.

The announcement of the game Pokémon GO a strict cheating game. I want players Play a fun fair, not unfair to other players. And wanted to give players the experience of playing a game.

As the players should follow the rules and guidelines of the game Pokémon GO placed to play a conscious. Learn how to play correctly. It allows to play any game, have fun and get to experience the game fully.
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