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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Niantic Removed Battery Saver Mode in Pokémon Go iPhone

Just yesterday you talked about the main new features included in the last two updates of Pokémon GO . Niantic decided to remove the traces of proximity radar, but is not the only thing that has been lifted off, Pokémon GO no longer has saving mode battery, at least for now.

One of the major flaws of Pokémon GO is excessive battery consumption, something that all users have complained. To try to counter this consumer the game had a battery saving mode, and say count because in the last update Niantic deleted it.

This battery saving mode made ​​to put down the phone and face down the screen is dark, and therefore something that Pokémon GO consume less energy. While acknowledging that it was not a panacea, maybe that's why this feature has been removed, but so far have not confirmed the reasons.

Pokémon GO will lose battery saving mode, you will return in the future?

Niantic, Pokémon GO developer has decided to remove and surprise inexplicably saving mode battery in its latest released version for iOS, version 1.1.1 which was released yesterday. And it is that apparently, this battery saving mode made ​​the game sometimes be blocked.

So if you do not want to lose that battery saver mode we recommend not update Pokémon GO to the latest version. Now you just have to assess if you are worth the changes, and new Pokémon GO or if you prefer sacrifice for a while, waiting for a possible return to the game-saving mode.

The battery saving mode allowing the user to walk with the mobile subject down to collect eggs to hatch meters or just waiting for some pokémon appears without much brightness on the screen. It is not yet clear whether Niantic will completely remove this feature, but everything seems to indicate that it has temporarily withdrawn until finding the final solution to the problem that caused this way would block the game.

So from CultofMac trust that in future updates of Pokémon GO is available again the battery saving mode. Otherwise also would have removed from the version of the game for Android, where it is still available.

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