Nikkei: in 2017, will come three new iPhone, equipment that version will be curved AMOLED screen -


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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nikkei: in 2017, will come three new iPhone, equipment that version will be curved AMOLED screen

Known sector of publishing, the Nikkei, which has shared инсайдами accurate, updated its position on what smartphones Apple will introduce in the next year are. According to the source, these three models, one of which will be equipped with flat curved AMOLED.

It is not a secret that in 2017 - the year of the 10th anniversary of iPhone - Apple plans to introduce completely redesigned model smartphone. To choose between glass, plastic and ceramic material coating the back of the panel, the manufacturer will select for glass, indicating the publication.

So far, Apple remained faithful to the technology of liquid crystals. According to Japanese data from a resource, followed by the iPhone in July this year, who receive no radical changes in the appearance, in 2017-m купертинская оснастит empire OLED smartphone screens. And this will be only the special version of the device, and not on all variants.

"Next year I will present Apple 4.7-inch model, one with 5.5-inch screen, as well as the exchange for the smart phone is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches or more curved than two parts, "writes the Nikkei.

What this means? Judging by everything, this is similar to what Apple has done, first approach, presenting the option of iPhone 6 Plus, which has received a lens with optical image stabilization, unlike the more compact model, he is content with only digital stabilization. According to rumors, in the collection of iPhone 7 also not all models receive double camera.

Source based this information that Apple will not be able to get enough of OLED panels to integrate all your devices. 4.7 and 5.5 inches, the iPhone will remain with LCD screens. In other words, not to create the threat of supply shortages, cupertino corporation integrates new screens only in appliances of the highest class, and OLED will only schedule in 2018.

It is unclear, however, as Apple what that step and how it will be perceived by buyers, if the information of the edition will be true - after all, the difference between OLED and LCD fairly large.

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