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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Nintendo NX removable controls and motion detection

Now we have spoken on previous occasions Red Planet on the next Nintendo handheld console, the Nintendo NX. The expectation is great and there are many who want to see and this console in his hands. Although this will have to wait a little if we know what are new details about it. With Let's Play Video Games we have known some details we see in the Nintendo NX, the highlight is its removable and motion detection controls.

The next generation of consoles Nintendo will have a similar design to that we show in the following design:

A quite different design we saw a few years ago with the launch of the Nintendo Wii U :

As you can see it has shelved the enormity of this to look more like the design of a mobile ... something that closely resembles the concept that some imagined console on the future of the company.

NX is a hybrid Nintendo console that will allow players to use at home as anywhere. This would include a removable console controls on the sides of the screen. According to the source, these drivers would benefit from extra features. These extras would be the recognition of movements as we get with the modern Wii Remote. In addition, to have an advanced vibration system (the promised tactile feedback).

These drivers will gradually replace the Wii Remote as they provide most of the functionality provided by these. Players with Wii Remote can use these in some multiplayer games, but not all. The tactile feedback function similarly to the way it does in the hull HTC Vive way. This means that the vibration may vary in intensity and duration depending on the pulsation modes, depending on the situation, providing a tangible difference between the clash of swords and hit the tennis racket.

We remind, the output of Nintendo NX is scheduled for March 2017 ... patience.

Source: Let's Play Video Games 

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