Pangu could be accessing your credit cards -


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Monday, 1 August 2016

Pangu could be accessing your credit cards

It has been short our happiness by the release of Jailbreak untethered for iOS 9.3.3 by Pangu, security researchers just released the ultimate tool to hack our iOS devices.

What has broken our happiness is to know that some users have registered unauthorized access to their bank accounts, Facebook or Paypal. Yes as you hear, users have reported these accesses and Pangu, fortunately, has given face and spoken on this subject.

Pangu What are you doing?

In the first instance, we say that China Jailbreak tool was housed in the company 25PP. Distributed through the tool PPHelper 25PP, although some users could install jailbreak directly - without 25PP tool.

So, in summary, one can say that the Pangu Jailbreak - in China - has not been managed solely by Pangu and it is possible that this has been one of the causes of this "vulnerability". Meanwhile, the English version of the tool Pangu has been managed entirely by the creative company - so we can be less alerted and feel a little safer.

Our intention is merely to remind the risks they run when exposed to jailbreak your iPhone, as this process breaks with all the security of the iPhone and leaving it exposed our hands to decide what to do with it.

Pangu statements

In Twitter Pangu has decided to get in contact with all users who have called these acts and those who have been alerted to this situation. In its statement Pangu remembered that this is the fourth launch tool to jailbreak our IOS devices, and have never had this kind of problems. In the text they have shared they have made clear that they have nothing to do with the mentioned facts and have dropped if a problem has arisen with the English version - ie blaming 25PP. Although they have also reported that they have contacted the company and denied having anything to do with this topic.

Among other proposals to seek a solution to this problem urge users to checkear their computers well and make sure that no virus has contaminated their computers. Moreover they throw some questions to dig deeper into the subject.

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