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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Parallels Desktop 12: how to run Windows programs on Mac

This week Parallels has released the next version of its twentieth most popular product - Parallels Desktop. It is a tool that allows Windows applications to run on a Mac without rebooting. The program operates in more than 5 million computers worldwide. Because of its low price, however, Parallels Desktop for Mac until it is not particularly known in Russia. According to statistics, they have set about 5% of users of MacBook and iMac. However, the new utility Parallels Desktop 12 with the aim of solving this extremely poor annoying company. The update brings a lot of new features and makes it even more convenient to incorporate Mac programs.

What sense does the program? Mac users so accustomed to their system, which is not particularly want to run and Windows. And sometimes it is very necessary. Microsoft has captured all the pc market, and many programs and games unfortunately only run under the operating system. There is a crazy amount of utilities, which just will not go Mac. So, installing a new program Parallels allows generally forget what operating system is performing.

Before you start the creation and implementation of new virtual machines, you need to install Parallels Desktop. Some users think that virtual machines is very complex, they feel that the name itself, and are not willing even try to master "horror". But in reality, the program intuitive user, you go through all the preparation for the operation of the system.

Therefore, to prepare the work program must pass through three simple steps:

  • Installing Parallels Desktop 12 on the computer.
  • Directly through a Setup Windows or migrate from Windows to the PC (if Windows already has).
  • Put and common set of Windows application.

All these steps must be performed once during program installation. On all utilities, you can run directly on the Mac. It is also worth noting that the program is not only compatible with Windows and other operating systems, so it can run whatever is Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and Google Chrome OS. And, of course, Parallels Desktop is already set to work with Windows 10.

Features Parallels Desktop 12 

The updated Parallels Desktop for Mac version offers better performance, support for Sierra macOS operating system and includes Parallels Toolbox - 20 tools that simplify daily tasks on the Mac.

In the twelfth version of the virtualization system, developers have adopted a number of new features, including the ability to buy directly from Windows 10 to install with the help of a configuration wizard. You can also set time download and installation of Windows updates. This feature allows you not wait to install all updates, wasting time working and decide which provisional in the information section of the computer activity are possible.

Parallels Desktop 12 is characterized by the support of the Xbox application for Windows 10 and the possibility of transmission Xbox games on a Mac; Edge used in storage and Internet Explorer browsers password in Keychain Key Mac; backups of virtual machines to save disk space and the ability to set restrictions on the use of resources of guest systems; the presence of pre-configured network profiles ( "Edge", "100-percent loss," "3G", "DSL", "Very bad network" and "Wi-Fi"); Simplified backup of virtual machines by annual subscription to Acronis True Image with 500 gb.

In addition, Parallels Desktop 12 received special optimization for the popular game Overwatch Blizzard.


Parallels Desktop 12 is a lot of advantages. She has a nice interface, it works faster than its predecessors. With their help you can run on Windows and Linux on a Mac, and then use these virtual machines with the help of their tablets or smartphones. The special aid scheme in saving the battery. Parallels Desktop supports 12 macOS Sierra, so the operating system can be tested without installing.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages. So, still it collects a lot of resources Mac. For proper operation requires a powerful processor and plenty of RAM. If you go in parallel to perform some type of intensive task, with Parallels Desktop to do this would be problematic. And another problem is that there is not enough a simple instruction for beginners. If you've never experimented with Parallels Desktop virtual machines 12 to first, it may seem slightly confusing.

The draw

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac presented in the Standard, Pro and Business editions different functions. Recommended retail price of the standard version is € 3990.

Product developers gave us three promo-code for free download of the decision. The codes are presented with visitors who have left their comment to this article. Do not forget to fill the E-mail field. Good luck!


  1. This tools is amazing with support for latest macOS and Windows 10. Best features is to run the windows already installed in bootcamp, it is the best vm solution to run windows in mac.

  2. I am VERY excited to see this version of parallels desktop. There past releases are the most stable virtual software I've used out of all the mac virtual desktop apps out there. It is especially great when u have a physical usb device u need to work off in windows. Virtual box barely recognizes usb devises but parallels has no problems.

    I hope i won one of the 3 free copies u guys are giving away! :)

  3. Oh, I think it is simply one of the best custom desktop software that I have ever used. This program is written by really big professionals.


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