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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Perfect Jailbroken iPhone By CHAOS!

Jailbreak is all about customizing your iPhone and breaking free from the restrictions enforced by iOS. To enjoy it to the fullest, it’s essential to install the right combination of tweaks and themes from Cydia. This is why we’re back again with a new series on the perfect jailbroken iPhone setup, this time for iOS 9.3.3.

The compilation of this edition of “The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone” is by our good friend, Cody Crouch (iTwek4z). Take a look at the video below if you’d like to get a hands-on demonstration of how everything is set up.

Theme – Muze 3

Muze 3 is the pure definition of a minimalist and sleek piece of art work. Featuring over 300 icons, Control Center theme, Settings theme and more, this package is filled with beauty and simplicity. It can be purchased for $2.49 from Cydia’s ZodTTD repo.

Lock Screen

LockHTML4 ($1.00): allows you to add widgets to the Lock screen. 
LS EW50 (Free): A widget for the Lock screen which can be applied using LockHTML4. This widget can be downloaded for free from the following repo: .
Infostats (Free): shows the battery percentage in LW EW50 widget.
HotDog (Free): allows you to customize the Lock screen and Status bar.
HideMeX ($2.99): lets you customize almost every UI element in iOS.

Home Screen

ClassicFolders ($0.99): brings iOS 6-styled folders to iOS 9.
Badgomizer ($1.99): provides complete control over app icon customization.
Boxy 2 ($1.99): customize the layout of your Home screen.
EW4.iWidget (Free): adds a time widget to the Home screen. This widget can be downloaded for free from the following repo: .
HideMeX ($2.99):  lets you customize almost every UI element in iOS.
iWidgets (Free): lets you add third-party widgets to the Home screen.
Zeppelin (Free): allows you to change the carrier logo in the Status bar.


Eclipse 3 ($0.99): brings a dark theme to iOS.
ImageBoard (Free): use a custom image as your keyboard background.
Messages Customizer Pro ($1.99): lets you customize the messages app such as chat bubbles, conversation background and more.
NudeKeys (Free): allows you to customize keyboard keys and background.

Control Center

CCBackground (Free): apply a custom image to Control Center background.
CClean (Free): lets you customize Control Center and bring a simpler look to it by hiding unused sections, separators and more.


This is all you need to bring an entirely new look and feel to your iPhone and make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re rocking your own setup, then make sure to share it with us in the comments below.

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