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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Photographs appear packaging of the future Apple smartphone

Today we have published photographs showing what was supposed to be the packaging of the future Apple smartphone, with the curious detail that packaging is printed with the name iPhone 6 SE.

It should be noted in advance that these images are somewhat suspect since for example, the positioning of "6" and "SE" is very unnatural and images so very conveniently, product identifiers are covered only otherwise , which would help give greater credence to the photos. These images are probably doctored photos of packaged iPhone 6 and SE mixed in Photoshop.

Moreover, the "iPhone 7" will make an appearance in a few weeks and put the name iPhone 6 SE makes little sense from a marketing perspective product.

All these reasons make the chances that the next iPhone is so designated as "6 SE" are almost nil. Yet despite the name "iPhone 7" would be the most obvious choice for the next smartphone option, not yet really knows what the exact name of the Apple device.

Nevertheless, it has great expectations for the iPhone 7 and beyond the device is likely to be visually similar to the iPhone 6s in external appearance, other features will offset this repetitive slip of Apple. For example, it is believed that the new smartphone will include in its standard model module better camera, a better level A10 chip for processing and increased storage capacity of 16 GB to 32 GB.

Moreover, the iPhone 7 Plus will include a 5.5-inch dual camera module lens, 3 GB of RAM and also speculates that have a storage option of up to 256 GB.

Still, both models would lack a headphone jack, being replaced by lightning technology connectivity. Given these rumors and pictures, you just have to wait for the official presentation to uncover the truth.

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