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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Play Full Screen Pokémon GO with this Tweak

When you play Pokémon GO annoying you see the status bar at the top? The truth is that personally I do not find something invasive, also not bad to know how much battery you have, etc. But if you prefer , you can remove it and play full screen GO Pokémon with this tweak we show you today.

Obviously, being a tweak, you can use it is necessary to have the iPhone with Jailbreak done. The tweak has been developed by nullpixel, called GoBigger and then tell you more details about it and how to install it on your iOS device.

The status bar at the top of the device shows the time, the percentage of the battery, operator name and if you are connected to a WiFi or mobile data network. This information is useful for some users, but for others it is a hindrance when playing Pokémon GO.

Installing GoBigger on your iPhone with Jailbreak

Not to mention the Control Center that is sure to occasionally you have deployed inadvertently when going to launch a Pokéball. So if you want to play full screen and hunt pokémon with nothing to distract you on the screen just get GoBigger tweak.

With this tweak you get remove the top bar in Pokémon GO, but also will make it more difficult to access the Control Center while you're playing quietly. To install the steps you need to take you are as follows:

  • Open Cydia and wait until all sources are loaded.
  • Go to the Manage tab and add the repo:
  • your sources.
  • Install GoBigger from this repo and then restart the device.
It 's that simple! After this you can play Pokémon GO fullscreen without the status bar or the Control Center hassled on your way to being a master Pokemon.

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