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Friday, 19 August 2016

PokéBall Throwing Techniques/Tips - - Pokémon GO

This technique is an attractive offer for the Pokémon Trainer veteran with a rookie to watch. "Throwing technique Pokéball how to hit every Pokémon pro" Every time I throw every time (that I was not caught) to save PokéBall that I do this.

PokéBall throwing techniques, how to hit every Pokémon pro.

Creating a Gesture or gestures to throw PokéBall on iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings (Settings)> General (General)> Accessibility (Accessibility)> AssistiveTouch.
  2. Create New Gesture (create new stance).
  3. Gesture set new stance (on the clip below).
  4. Named stance recently completed, and then press Enter.
  5. Select Customize Top Level Menu ... (set menu to the top level ...).
  6. Star Select Custom (custom).
  7. Select the newly created Gesture gesture to press Done (finish).
  8. Open AssistiveTouch (watch the clip).


  1. Open game Pokémon GO
  2. According to these Pokémon
  3. When playing these Pokémon and then tap the button. AssistivTouch Then select the star (Gesture gestures that we created).
  4. Tap PokéBall 1 times

Then Geature of iOS will automatically just PokéBall were thrown at these Pokémon and unerring.

This method is gray I do not regard black For the capture difficult. And for those who have little PokéBall try to use it well.

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