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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokemon Go Beginners Tips & Guide

Hello all these Pokemon Trainer This is still considered a game for the first Pokémon. GO recently introduced in our country. Of course, the great mass of people interested in playing a lot. But today is the first day of school and work. (With games) at all ... Okay! In order not to waste our time together to learn basic etiquette.

"Pokemon Go Beginners Tips & Guide

  1. Bots do not cheat, do not duck it probably was not ... it was just a game. The fun does not end at that. It is a play Yes this game the way there's a lot more fun then ever played The Sims formula pump money too. ? One day I was bored to death, we have come together better than others.
  2. This is not to play while driving more dangerous than most. (It goes without saying Wagner) whether the motorbike or cars. Playing with driving with meditation, you will lose a lot. More listeners "Thailand Forward" On the drive up.
  3. Do not cross the street to play, although the law specifies that the driver must always be careful crossing. But no one wants to die like free, right?
  4. This is not an invasion of personal space people understand the law.
  5. Not compromised in the night like the above. It's heavier penalty
  6. Not playing in a pub, it's not illegal. But bad manners to ask a friend to many.
  7. Not playing in theaters this bad manners. You may be cursed until parents do not teach.
  8. Do not play in a place that should not be played like hospitals , temples, tombs What ... Where are asking for freedom. ? This is not Thailand Only Shell Island or in any way (not just another rant) as a civilized country like Japan has banned tag on Hiroshima and Shrine Izu Miyamoto 9-11 or monument in America. there was criticism about it as well. Although not illegal, but it is appropriate to ask her.
  9. AR feature off when in a crowd by Imagine when you catch Pokémon in the sky. The hand held timber may get round to it. Accident or involuntary page Metro had to issue a warning to a sudden stop and may not bother someone behind. The best way to sneak a corner, then picked up the smart phone better.
  10. Catching pokemon room was ... eh. The old porch (Do not play) under the age of 18 in prison, but if I let it fool you ... it is not that common.

The game is not a game, do not. A person who has done wrong

"There is one good practice" for those who do not play Pokémon GO (I).

Do not pinch the game is well known that this is not specified in the Constitution. No announcement in the Government Gazette Therefore, it does not force anyone to play like loading (and time) of each are not the same, he would slide the screen play Pokémon GO was not much different to other games and see if anyone behaved badly. Please know that it is not the game, but as a personal habit to a game, it was not like this.

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