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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pokémon GO bored yet? Keep updating the two soon !!!

Pokémon GO later opened for play in Thailand for more than a week. Many people believe that the play could seriously sick birds and mice and then some. And although most of the country is also captured Pokémon can not all. (If not duck out or cheating), but the good news is in this update will be the second to be playing with a new system that more playable.

Exchange or sell Pokemon

Pokemon GO Trading during the month of October, which is the developer of the planned two.

  • The players exchanged friendly
  • Through the server in the trading board.

Finally, it looks like I need to see it again. Like many birds would have to do so bored. I would like to exchange some of the other Pokémon. (I know there will be people willing to?) Or Pokemon hunters who want to have extra income. Initially, the developers asked for two months to test the system.

System, players battle against each other

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles during the months of December and January. Battle of Pokemon from the original fought just in the gym only. (Through automation and the fight was over), this time, players will interact with each other even more. It is expected to be a close-fought series via Bluetooth or NFC to reduce the burden on the server. Initially, the developer asked for four months to test the system.

Pokemon more hundreds (Gen 2).

Pokemon GO Gen II The wait for people who want to see Lu Gia, Ho-Oh and Sui Kun and Lee Wei other version via "Rock Transfiguration" (Evolution Stone), including the Pokemon childhood and bodies. new developments totaling over 100 also has a new system PokeStops and PokeBalls but not just because impatient to be finished at the end of 2017 much.

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