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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Pokemon Go :Get Free PokeCoins

Pokemon Go mall built class gold system, can be replaced PokeCoins gold treasure can dream through Taiwan dollars, to purchase virtual items you want, there are a lot of players in order to facilitate the direct purchase through class gold on upgrades and expansion will be more convenient backpack but there is no willingness to spend money for players, how to make PokeCoins gold treasure can dream it? Benpian on to provide tips, so you can get 10 PokeCoins free gold treasure can dream every day.

Pokemon Go :Get 10 Free PokeCoins

On the way you can see a different temple, as long as the spirit is strong enough inside the backpack, can Dojo occupation down, but because of the temple wizard will affect the amount of the defense, but in the more popular locations dojo, it is quite easy to occupy because everyone wants to gun dojo, if a person can not be afraid of their own occupation, to find some relatively strong enthusiasts together to attack the temple, the temple when play down the temple will appear white state, then it can be occupied by the temple down, and put a state full of blood can be used to defend Pokémon.

After the occupation, you can point to open the bottom of the game screen baby ball pattern, enter "SHOP" mall center, the upper right corner will appear "shield FIG Collect now!" Pictorial, clicking, you can easily receive the award occupied 10 PokeCoins treasure can dream Stardust gold and 500, the next time again receive, you must live for 21 hours and then be able to receive.

If the occupation of five, then one can receive 50 gold, but when again receive temple has not been shot down.

Rank is not high enough, the main temple of the spirit is not strong enough to play how to do?

  • Get popular remote areas captured, most of these places are not too many people to pay attention.
  • Get popular temple, the temple has been observed every minute change in the color of the camp, is this temple can easily be shot down, down to the white temple and other temples at the time, you can easily put your own state treasure full of blood can dream.
  • Time to take advantage of the early morning, when the players are sleeping, you can take the opportunity to play down the dojo
  • Get there vacancy dojo added

Next time have the opportunity to come back to write a more detailed dojo methods of warfare, so stay tuned.

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