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Monday, 1 August 2016

Pokemon Go hacked by a youtuber and shown in videos

As we all know Pokemon Go is a very entertaining game and is sticking very strong worldwide. However, it is far from perfect. And recently, a guy could modify the code Pokemon Go. With the sole aim of finding a rare Pokemon that should not be available yet. This guy has hacked Pokemon Go to find several rare Pokemon.

It all depends on if you play Pokemon Go and you have informed a little about the current development of the game. If so, you know that there are some Pokemon that you can not catch yet. Or you can not catch them in your country because they appear in specific locations of a particular country. There are some examples like Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a unique Niantic and Nintendo Pokemon that have not yet released in the game.

We know that there is a code to get super rare Pokemon, but only within the game. Currently there is no way to actually meet them. Because they are blocked for players as hidden code. Therefore, we assume that automatically unlocked. Whether as part of some kind of special event or a game update in the future.

Recently discovered a solution to the problem regarding the rare Pokémon. We must thank intelligent handling code YouTuber FrozenAquaCat. In just two independent videos YouTuber FrozenAquaCat has published online the way it is transforming the game Pokemon GO while you play. YouTuber where FrozenAquaCat makes such a common Pokemon as a Rattata become one so incredibly rare as a Ditto.


In this first video we have a test hack this user:

Basically, the YouTuber FrozenAquaCat do this by running the game PokemonGO on a PC. Instead of using a smartphone with just fake GPS location to make the game believe he is walking. However, there are guides available on how to do this trick on the network. However, as is natural, if this is attempted only to fool the game Pokemon, the punishment can be decisive. There is a good chance that you are out of the game forever. Therefore, if you are still willing to try all these guidelines and tricks then you should consider the risk to which you expose yourself if you're a fan of this game.

It has been noted however that there is a strange thing about the video posted below the YouTuber user FrozenAquaCat. And every Pokémon has a unique identification number that is associated with it. Ditto is the number 132, the number 025 is Pikachu and Zapdos is the number 145.

Here we can see the second video:

However, in this video the YouTuber FrozenAquaCat enter the code "143" makes a Zapdos appears. But the number "143" is actually the unique identification number for Snorlax. Therefore, it is not certain from which is producing the specific defect in the code.

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