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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pokemon Go Multifunction tool grants come "Poke Go ++ for Pokemon Go!

Want to play Pokemon Go too lazy to go out? Or inconvenient to go out for the mobility of players, is not also want to feel the game experience? Now do not worry, previously introduced another automatic walking pokemongoanywhere after the plug-in, there are other well-known foreign designers UnlimApps Inc widget also launched another Pokemon Go subsidy tools to achieve automatic walking, GPS location, close to the magic show baby, running speed adjustment and other functions, these inconveniences can help out the players, but also to rein in Taiwan over the Pokémon.


Such as the use of follow-up may result in account has been blocked, please consider carefully before use to avoid runs the risk.


Support iOS7-iOS9 jailbreak users, please refer to this as no jailbreak iOS perfect JB Teaching Skills
Need to install the game Pokemon Go
Operation Function

The subsidy was quite long, but worked with other GPS widget will cause clash led to flash back, subsequent versions will not have these problems.

▼ To start the game Pokemon Go, the screen on the left will be more of a "M", tap to expand the subsidy menu function, the back will start from a presentation description, the right side of the screen will show a pattern Pokémon appear in the event Now when you click on what you will run to the block immediately be able to meet the lower right joystick is used to control the role of forward and back to move around, but only to set the role.

Gear Settings

Click after setting "Show Joystick" and "Fake Location" feature turned on, this way you can choose when to see more features, and can be controlled through the bottom right direction joystick.


Map allows you to choose the point you want to reach, determined after clicking "Walk Here" will let people use to go directly to the location, do not roles in Taipei to Kenting reservation, it certainly will go to the south from the north, If you want to stop halfway? People point at tap the map button will stop.


This function is to list all the Pokémon directly within the existing pocket may be seen directly CP value, the benefit is when a new baby rein after opening the can to see if it is to direct the first release.

Flag, speed, character

Flag on a similar patrol function, tap the character will automatically patrol around the circle, there will be a 1X speed, optional 2X, 4X three speeds to move and after (right) Figure open people can click on the map screen, the characters will directly ran toward that position.

House, H

The house does not need to explain, is to return to the original GPS location points, and H represents the hidden meaning, the point will go to show hidden menu To call up the menu on the screen, please point 3 under the menu will reappear.

Through teaching software installation source

Step 1. ▼ Cydia search for "Poke" will find "Poke Go ++ for Pokemon Go!", Click on "install" and install it up, if no plug-ins, please refer to this . (Author: UnlimApps Inc is an , software source: http: //beta.unlimapps.com)

Step 2. Click on "OK", the installation is completed and then point under the "Restart SpringBoard."

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