Pokémon GO Now Available in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

Since its release in the United States, the boom of Pokémon GO has just left new fashions, reducing physical inactivity and altercations to across the planet. The society had saved this new facet of inveterate gamer. The arrival in most of Europe did not wait, and now the rest of the Hispanic community in Latin America eager to play officially. Today is your day.

Now you can download Pokémon GO from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, both iOS and Android. As usual in recent days, due to overload players, developers do not stop updating its so demanded and used app. Therefore, this new version landing in South America, in countries with the largest population in the area, comes with all the new features available.

With the start of the Games Rio 2016, only it lacked the Brazilian country this release. Starting today, millions of citizens cast them to the country 's streets to hunt, not only autographs from their favorite athletes, but the best Pokémon you have in the area. Among the functions that have been modified and included in this new update, we can highlight:

  • They have the bug in IOS that shut off power saving mode eliminated.
  • They removed some legendary Pokémon that were erroneously assigned to some coaches.

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  • #PokemonGO is now available on Android and iOS devices in Argentina.
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  •  Pokémon GO News @PokemonGoNews
  • #PokemonGO is now available on Android and iOS devices in Mexico.
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  •  Pokémon GO News @PokemonGoNews
  • #PokemonGO is now available on Android and iOS devices in Brazil! Enjoy!

According to the creators, not missing many days for all the countries of Latin America can enjoy their dose of Pokémon GO and expand this trend a few years ago looked impossible. Pokémon is here to stay, and do not know if it will be for a long time. Who will be the first / a in capturing Ditto ?
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