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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokémon GO pump level no fault with "Lucky Egg".

Hello all new Pokemon Trainer. And although the first week of Pokémon. GO However, many people level through the roof as well. Who plays himself was proud to have fun. But for people to realize this is cheating himself. (I told you that missed it!) Okay ... but for people who want to live a pump fault. In the game there is a little trick with the item "Lucky Egg" (hope I did not take the time to play it).

Lucky Egg obtained from?

First, understand that the Lucky Egg is one item which results. "The experience twice for a period of 30 minutes" will be free at the same time. When reached level 9 and 10, respectively, it can be purchased in the game for 80, 500 and 1250 gold medal (Come on ... subsidizes the server was a bit).

Experience double Technical Features

Typically, the value of experience (XP), we will continually do something to catch in a game like Pokemon, the rotation of banners, evolved Pokemon, Pokemon has a type, etc.

  1. 10 XP when you throw a Poké Ball with basic posture (Curve Ball, Nice Throw).
  2. 50 XP when you throw a Poké Ball with a beautiful harbor (Great Throw).
  3. 100 XP when I throw a Poké Ball with my contemporaries (Excellent Throw).
  4. 50 XP on a rotating plate PokéStop whether of or not.
  5. 100 XP when you catch Pokémon.
  6. 50 XP when training with the same color Gym.
  7. 100 XP when fighting against the Green Gym.
  8. 150 XP when training or fighting and defeating the Gym.
  9. 200 XP when hatching success.
  10. 500 XP on a new type Pokémon like never before. (Whether in any way).
  11. 500 XP when evolution Evolve Pokemon.

From the top It is seen that the experience gained so far are from the Pokemon evolution. It was with Pokemon "all" unique and not types. If done well, it was not 10 5000 XP, which brings us to this level was somewhat more positive about the ability of the Lucky Egg to experience twice.

Pokemon Simple

Pokemon in the game are easy to find and use Candy (Candy) to evolve a lot. For example Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie and Ratana to hoard it, including the left (Transfer) in exchange for some candy. We have accumulated a certain amount of about 20-30 (but with enough candy for all by evolution).

Then, to the value we can shift with time running a hatchery. (Not more than half an hour) for the eggs that hatched a new type Pokemon. We will have much more experience.

If you prepare your Pokemon to evolve so much. The more you have the more experience (at least 10 to be exact 10,000 XP) enough for your level. In a jiffy

The time evolution took 30 minutes and then left. May catch Pokémon by official post. And do not forget to smile at the use of Incense and Lure module with built-in (if any) will make use of the Lucky Egg losing me.

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