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Monday, 1 August 2016

Pokémon GO receives an update with several improvements

The boom of Pokémon GO is being so great that each update, however small, is received with open arms. In the last three days the application has received two updates, one last Saturday to introduce various improvements, and other lower today same.

GO Pokémon is now in version 1.1.1 and the last two updates Niantic has removed some features that did not work properly. They have taken advantage to add some improvements and small changes, slowly polishing the application to be getting better.

Here we tell you what all the changes that have occurred in Pokémon GO in these latest updates. Let's go there!

Location of pokémon, avatar customization and much more

One of the most significant changes is the new version of Pokémon GO is the elimination of traces of closeness on the radar. This feature served to indicate the proximity of a pokémon, but the fact is that has never been successful, so now you know what pokémon are there near you, but not much.

On the other hand, Pokémon GO has also been changed in the interface, such as the inclusion of a new button where you have at hand the option to bookmark or transfer a Pokemon. In addition, they added the avatar customization options, so it is now possible to change the color of the clothes, hair color and eyes of the character.

In addition, this update also solves the GO Pokémon issue that caused the game to crash when trying to activate the battery saving system. This system is activated from the game settings and makes placing the phone face down the screen darkens to consume less.

It also should be noted that Niantic has added new security advisories whenever the game runs appear. Thus, the user must be careful or not to play while driving, among other things is notified.


Still Pokémon GO still has many things to polish and improve, as well as many new features that would make the game much better. Thus, it is expected that future updates will include, for example, the option to exchange Pokémon with other players or the ability to add friends, among other things.

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