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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pokémon GO Upgrade to Version 1.3.1 and these are the News

Niantic boys have taken very seriously improving GO Pokémon, its crown jewel. Just a few days ago that the most popular game time came to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil , where it is already possible to hunt pokémon, and now just released a new update to include numerous improvements.

Gradually they are improving the game including new features that make it even more interesting for users. GO Pokémon has come stomping, but there are still many aspects that should improve.

Of course, watching the pace of updates that bring in Niantic is very likely that in just a few weeks GO Pokémon is 100%. Here we tell you what's new in the new version 1.3.1 is now available on the App Store for download are.

Improvements to launch Pokéballs, radar pokémon and more

Pokémon GO has been updated and brings an interesting list of new features. Among them there is one that notifies coaches do not play when they go to a certain speed, it is going to detect that more than "x" speed launch a prompt to confirm that you are not the driver of the vehicle.

On the other hand, Pokémon GO also features improvements in capturing Pokemon. If you make a pitch curveball with 10px you have extra if you catch the Pokémon, but hit so was quite complicated, the mens so far.

Now it has improved the accuracy of the Pokéball in the curved pitches. They have also taken advantage of the update to fix a bug that does not count the extra experience to make a shot "Good", "Great" or "excellent".

If you remember, in the previous update of Pokémon GO for iOS was the energy saving mode eliminated . But do not worry, because as we imagined this feature is already back in the new version 1.3.1 of the game.

On the other hand, I must say that Niantic allow users to change their nickname in the game, but only once. So ized the new name that you want to get well, because you only have one chance.

Finally, Pokémon GO has been changed on the radar of the "pokémon close". In the previous update they eliminated the tracks and have now decided to add two functions: nearby and sighttings. In the first pokémon on a circular to a pokeparada corresponding image will appear, which means it is close to that place, mientra the second function shows the pokémon front of a bunch of grass and warn the coach that is close of you.

The game takes just a month between us and despite having received several updates still occasional failure. However, gradually the boys go Niantic polishing details and GO Pokémon is getting better and better.

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