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Thursday, 18 August 2016

PokémonGo prepares juicy news

Go Pokémon prepares juicy news that you can not miss in any way. This mass phenomenon, once a hobby just for geeks, has a legion of fans. The game continues and its creators are preparing a batch of good news that we see the end of this year.


With the fever pokémon, many users already have with everyone. It's completely normal to seek more news and, why not, new creatures to capture. Thus, the company in charge of this game has been stepping up and informed us about what will bring the next update of Pokémon Go.

The first is that we can finally change pokémon with other coaches. This option, which was one of the great attractions of the old versions, it will be possible again. We have to be made easily and will increase the dynamism of the game. And obviously it will move the cornerstone of it: the online.

And on the same line we find another novelty. Neither more nor less than the inclusion of pokémon fighting with another real coach. This will be very happy users who have been asking for this feature for a long time. It will be possible from March 2017.

Finally, we will have new pokémon second generation that will be available from June and July.


  • We may change pokémons with other coaches.
  • We can fight with other players, which will give us a great dynamism. Moreover, it will increase our desire to train our creatures.
  • Inclusion of a number of pokémon, which will be second generation.

And with that I hope you have served this article. Remember that we love to read your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion in the box below.

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