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Monday, 22 August 2016

Possible Characteristics and Availability of Apple Watch 2

If the rumors circulating on the network are true, the future Apple Watch 2 will be much more complete and functional than the current generation. There is still nothing confirmed, but it is believed that Apple will release the second generation of the Watch in the coming months.

Here we have what would be some of the possible features which are believed to accompany the Apple Watch 2 as well as the availability would be . Just do not forget that for now are just rumors and nothing is confirmed by Apple.

So it could be the future Apple Watch 2: new features, same design

For a long time there has been speculation about whether Apple Watch 2 include cellular or non - connectivity, which would allow the iPhone to have independence. In this way, we could do more with the Apple Watch 2 without having to be physically connected to the iPhone, although it would not be entirely independent.

On the other hand, it is believed that the Apple Watch 2 will feature GPS, barometer, improved processor and greater impermeability. In addition, previous reports indicate that the second generation of Watch could integrate a FaceTime camera.

Regarding the design, everything seems to indicate that the Apple Watch 2 inherit the design of the first generation, albeit with some minor amendments. For example, count on new belts and model configurations, Apple could offer new models with new housing and strap options, including new coating materials.

Availability of Apple Watch 2

From 9to5Mac said the Apple Watch 2 could be presented and released in late 2016. According to recent reports could be launched alongside the iPhone 7 on September 7, but for the moment there is nothing confirmed.

And you, how you imagine the Apple Watch 2? When do you think Apple will release the second generation of its smartwatch?

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