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Monday, 15 August 2016

Possible solutions to the mail stuck in the outbox on iOS

It has probably happened to you that when trying to send a message in iOS, this one is stuck in the outbox of the email application on your iPhone.

It is easy to see when it happens this inconvenience because at the bottom of the iOS mail application, the status bar shows "1 unsent message" or x unsent messages.

If you find that email that you tried to send remains stuck in the outbox iPhone or iPad, you can use some simple tricks to solve the problem and able to send email.

How to solve the problem of message stuck in the outbox mail for iOS with a reboot

The good news is that even remain stuck emails output tray, they can be unlocked by simply restarting the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The easiest way to force restart an iPhone or iPad is holding the power button and the home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Once the iOS device is turned on again, make sure that there is a wi-fi enabled or data connection plan, then reopen the mail application. You should send the message without problems.

Resend the mail stuck in the outbox on iOS

If the email still is stuck after restarting the iPhone, try to resend it. This is easily done by iOS mailbox:

Make tap the stuck in the outbox message (represented by the icon with the exclamation mark in red).

Click on the "Send" button to retry sending the message stuck email.

Delete the email message unsent (stuck) on iOS

The other option is to simply delete the email stuck in the outbox. This is what we want to do if none of the above tricks have taken effect. Note that if the mail is important, you might want to copy and paste it to keep it safe momentarily, otherwise you lose the unsent message content.

Open the Mail application, see "Mailboxes" and select "Outbox"

Click on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner and choose "Trash" to delete the e-mail message that is stuck in the outbox.

Tap "Done".

And this is all ready, now you get to try.

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