Primax Electronics could be making dual camera for iphone 7 Plus -


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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Primax Electronics could be making dual camera for iphone 7 Plus

The supplier Taiwan, Primax Electronics may make at least some of the modules of the dual lens camera for Apple iPhone 7 Plus model, according to a report published today.

The company recently increased its manufacturing capacity by 10% for the camera module and must now be able to manufacture 12 million units per month, depending on what is reported from Daily News. It is believed that about 70 percent of the cameras that the company will manufacture modules 13 megapixel, leaving understand that it is the same resolution as Apple uses in its devices, although Primax in particular has other clients in this field.

Numerous leaks and rumors indicate that Apple is outfitting an "iPhone 7 Plus" with a dual camera lens, although the exact role of the second lens is still unclear. While the optical zoom may be the most obvious use a dual-lens system could be used to improve image fidelity, or taking stereoscopic images.

In June, a report hinted that LG Innotek would be the sole supplier of dual lens modules for the Cupertino company, since Sony had some setbacks (fire in one of its factories). Moreover, there is a rumor suggesting that Apple is using multiple suppliers, rather than replace LG, given the high production scale demand a company like Apple.

The "Plus" and regular "iPhone 7" models should arrive next month, with the inclusion of an enhancer chamber of a single lens for the base model and as mentioned above a module dual lens included in the Plus model new smartphone from Apple.

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