Problems with Pokémon GO Update 1.1.0 and earlier -


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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Problems with Pokémon GO Update 1.1.0 and earlier

Pokémon GO continues to be updated gradually, including improvements and fixing some bugs. The anger of the App Store that has burned both servers Niantic could be giving you some problems when updating. Of course, there is nothing to disturb more than not being able to open the game when you know there's a Pokemon beside you.

The card that jumps when you have to update, frenándote in your work Pokémon Trainer and repatea you right in the stomach when you click on the OK and redirects you to another page. If! It has also happened to us

How to troubleshoot the update

If it is clicked on OK you are redirected to the page of Apple Betas, it means you have this problem, and it has very easy solution. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the app from the App Store

  • Click Updates

  • Look for the application of Pokémon GO and tap Refresh

Once you have finished installing the update, enter the application to verify that is installed correctly and you no longer hateful message. However, if you are new notifications appear that "throwing" every time you enter the game; warning of the dangers that we should not run around playing.

But do not worry it does not hinder your work Pokémon trainer or redirects you to the wrong pages. We hope you managed to solve your problem, this is the way Niantic urges us to fix it, so we assume it will be ideal.

Download Pokémon GO

If you still have not downloaded this wonderful and addictive game, do not hesitate!

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