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Monday, 22 August 2016

Saca capture screens in iOS with long BigShotJb (jailbroken)

Sometimes taking a screenshot on your iPhone requires multiple captures that you have to join to combine them into a single image. This sometimes can transform a task and as a solution has launched a new free jailbreak tweak called BigShotJb.

BigShotJb aims to facilitate this process by allowing you to take screenshots of long interfaces, such as conversations or message boards configuration preferences.

When you need to get longer catch and do not feel like spending time by combining multiple images into one, BigShotJb is your solution.

There are apps in the App Store, as LongScreen that facilitate this process of transferring images to your computer and then you can assemble them using applications photo manipulation like Photoshop or Pixelmator, but still requires an extra effort before you have a pantallazo full.

For BigShotJb not require the use of an extra tool. When the tweak is used, a complete snapshot of the user interface is saved in your photo app instantly.

To use the tweak, all you have to do is shake your device when you're on an interface in which you want to capture large screen. You will know that the tweak is working because you will see an alert black of "BigShot Saved !!!" at the bottom of the screen.

It is clear that on computers with less memory, it can happen that sometimes tweak does not load all images in the screenshot.

You may also notice that at the bottom of each screen shot you take with this tweak, you get a slight cut, but not much.

You can get some minor bugs with the current version of this tweak, but do not seem to be something important.

The tweak is available for free from the BigBoss Cydia repository. The tweak no options.

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