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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Accessories : Thinks Big

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now available for booking in Spain, and comes with many accessories. After the absence of Note 5 in Europe last year, Samsung has decided it's time for your phablet again take the place it deserves in the market, and has done debuting accessories as varied for the Note 7.

For those who wait forward to the new Note and also for the curious, this time we show the accessories that fit perfectly with the new Samsung phablet.

Standing S View Cover

S View sleeves carry a time in the high - end Samsung and generally peculiar "window" to let see there on the screen without opening the cover has been highly acclaimed by many consumers carrying cases like that.

In this new version of the classic case, Samsung uses the Super AMOLED screen HDR 2K Note 7 to make it serve as a support to leave the mobile horizontally and better see the content you want. Note that are 5.7 ", who buy a mobile so often they want to see much multimedia content.

It is available in black, gold, blue, yellow and silver while its price is still unknown, although it should be remembered that the Galaxy S7 version is priced at 49.90 €.

LED View Cover

The LED View is a cover that can also be seen in previous phones from Samsung. It includes card holder and turn on the screen to open it, but the main thing is that display the time and some notifications (such as calls and alarms) in the sheath itself without the need to open this or that is transparent.

In addition, you can interact with notifications as answering a call or cancel an alarm without opening it, just by dragging your finger across the cover itself. His colors are black, gold and blue and we do not know its price, Galaxy S7 version costs 69.90 €

Clear View Cover

No doubt another of the classic cases of high - end Samsung is that there is not much new to this Galaxy Note 7. Clear View is a cover with lid, transparent except for the cover is of a different color.

Being transparent allows you to view the front of the device with the information on the screen, making the Always-on does not lose the sense to have a cover lid. Luce black, gold, blue or yellow and expect a price of 59.90 € seeing previous models of this case.

New Gear VR

The new member of the family has USB connector Note Type C while the reality glasses used Samsung microUSB. Taking advantage of this change, Samsung has improved its virtual reality glasses, the Gear VR.

A great accessory to tap the potential and quality of screen Galaxy Note 7 and few offer. In addition, it is compatible with other Galaxy S and Galaxy Note from S6.

Leather Cover

If the appearance of glass in the back you do not like or prefer another touch can do with the Leather Cover, a cover that adds more thickness to the device in exchange for a back with leather finish.

This case hides nothing beyond its leather finish and good protection afforded by the rear window. It is only available in black color and its price could be 39.91 € according to previous versions.

Clear Cover

A transparent cover, nothing else, that's the Clear Cover. It covers the entire device except Jack headphone port, USB Type C, the speaker and the S Pen. It is completely transparent and has no color tone.

Its design has changed with respect to other versions that had hard plastic corners imitating metal and passing completely cover I device instead of engaging only in the corners. The price of the version for the Galaxy S7 was € 29.90 but could change given the changes.

Keyboard Cover

We saw it first with the Galaxy S6 Edge + and came for those who missed each able to type messages with the press like keys instead of a flat screen. After being available for the S7 now also be in Note 7.

The keyboard has numbers and symbols as well as giving better access to the navigation buttons that are under it but does not seem to have a version with Spanish provision which in principle would not have the Ñ key, something that makes this little accessory useful for Spain. If you are still interested, its color is black only and the Galaxy S7 cost € 59.90.

Lens Cover

If the Galaxy S7 camera off for someone arrived this sleeve that is coupled to the mobile as any other and allows the camera placed above two types of lenses. One more angular, and the other covering 108th increasing zoom 16 times.

The lenses are included when buying the cover, only in black color, which cost € 99 for the Galaxy S7. Yes, the size of the lens lets inaccessible flash and unless heart rate monitor has been fixed in this version, we currently have no information about it.


This is how Samsung has called his holster with battery charging the device via wireless charging. 3100 mAh They are in addition to the 3500 mAh thickness Note 7 further that this entails. It is waterproof as phone, so you will not miss that aspect of Note 7.

Despite its thickness, Samsung rounded sides and textured sheath so that it remains comfortable having it on hand, but also adds weight. Equally comfortable it will not be, of course. In turn, let the free bottom for connecting peripherals. It will be in black and if we rely on the price of its predecessor, for 89.90 €.

Battery Pack

If on the other hand you prefer a more typical external battery Samsung also offers a metallic appearance curved at the edges (and one could say that is the new sign of the company) and 10200 mAh.

It has output and input USB type A USB type C, also four LEDs to indicate the capacity and a single button to turn on. Their colors, metallic gray and a kind of pink gold.

Screen saver official

If you want to play it safe, especially for the curve (in this Note 7 it is much smaller than the Edge models) is not a nuisance when looking protector, Samsung offers one official to defend him from chafing and temperatures extreme.

USB Adapter Type C

The Galaxy Note 7 is the first phone from Samsung to have the USB connector Type C, which is becoming the industry standard mobile. But what about all those microUSB cables that you have at home?

You can stop worrying, Samsung offers in the phone package itself adapter microUSB to USB Type C, as one of USB Type A to Type C can also get these separately.

Quick Charger Wireless

To take advantage of the wireless fast charging will need your charger. At the moment there is a special one for the Galaxy Note 7 , but you can safely use those created for S7 and Galaxy Note 5.

The first mentioned is a base that leaves your phone up while the second is like leaving the mobile on the table plane. Both have an official cost of € 59.90 but you can find the first € 49.95 on Amazon and the second at 26.01 €.

And what it is to come ...

Like any newly launched phone, Note 7 has "few" accessories (talk about accessories that go beyond official, of course), but eventually sure we'll see how many companies adapt their innovations in supplements this device.

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