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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) 10.1 features, price and specifications

Bigger than the iPad Air 2 but significantly cheaper. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) 10.1 - inch lands on the market with force. It is presented as a large tablet for those who are reluctant to spend a fortune on a device that in practice few exceptions will be used far less than a smartphone.

We speak of a tablet midrange interesting features. Although not arrive nor what pretende- to compete with high-end Apple. Since Samsung already has in the market TabPro S, and this combines an ergonomic design with high performance. And a more than decent camera and a large battery, at least on paper.


Not too smart or too cheap. That is the main conclusion of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1 - inch version right out of the box. Alumunio reserved for high-end devices, plastic dominates this new tablet of the Korean company.

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) grow bound by increasing the diagonal of the screen, but they do a fairly reasonable manner. The thickness stays at about 8.2 mm and the weight rises to 525 grams, so it is heavy for many tablet and is now at the limit in terms of ergonomics.


The left side is completely naked, while on the right we have the power button / lock and keypad to control the volume in a correct position. A couple of centimeters below have the slot for inserting a memory card.

At the bottom edge are two speakers that promise to deliver a good sound experience and the opposite side we have the jack for headphones and microUSB connection port, another sign that this is not a high-end tablet.


Increasing the diagonal of the screen is one of the main innovations of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016, which extends to the 10.1 inches compared to the 9.7 of the previous generation.

It also makes a significant increase -more than necessary- resolution to stay in the 1920 x 1200 pixels with 16:10 format and a density of 224 pixels per inch.

Numbers aside the experience when playing multimedia content is satisfactory, especially when compared to the previous installment of this model, but still too far from offering competing devices, including different models of iPad.


Samsung keeps this tablet its commitment to own processors after the experience with Qualcomm last year. This Galaxy Tab A 2016 hides within it a Exynos 7870 processor with 14 nanometer manufacturing and low power consumption that seems much more appropriate for a device of this type.

The tablet also has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage which in any case are expandable through an SD card, which seems advisable although not as essential as in mobile phones with the memory capacity.


Now we are talking about one of the main advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016). This time Samsung has not flooding the device with dozens of own applications. But we have a fairly light version of TouchWiz that positively affects the performance of the tablet.


The camera of the Galaxy Tab A 2016 grows from the previous generation to 8 megapixels on the main sensor. And it is capable of recording video in Full HD while the front camera for selfies remains at 2 megapixels.

Obviously take pictures with a tablet is not as comfortable or as recommended at this point in the film, something we have seen in our own flesh in this analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016). However, the results are more than decent, to the point that will surprise you if you have a discrete mobile.

The interface also is fairly complete. We have the option to make panoramic, we have different ways to squeeze the night or moving pictures. We also have an HDR mode to capture another image and sound. And this is adds a beauty mode and a Pro mode with some manual controls.

Nor is the front camera, offering -speaking tablets- remarkable results when capturing selfies slouch. And it offers a quality sufficient for a positive experience when using the tablet for video video calls.


What it does highlight positively this Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) is concerned audio. With two speakers located on the bottom edge featuring a pretty powerful sound. Something pleasantly surprised because in previous generations many manufacturers had left aside incomprehensibly this section.


Weight gain of this new Samsung tablet is also justified by the greater capacity of your battery. Since reaches no less than 7,300 milliamps. The efficiency of the tablet is outstanding by the good performance of your processor in this regard. And for the extra help we Marshmallow Android.


Samsung with this new release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) improvement in size, display and performance. Also it incorporates some interesting features for our day to day. It is a recommended for those seeking a balanced device below 300 euros tablet. Since it surprised by the quality of your camera and the battery life.

No it has interesting extras such as adding a fingerprint reader or fast charging technology. Of course all this is also noticeable in the price of the Galaxy Tab A 2016 in this model of 10.1 inches. Since it is on sale for 279 euros in its basic version with WiFi. And for about 339 euros for the model also it incorporates 4G connectivity.

Ultimately in this analysis of the Galaxy Tab A 2016 we have seen how Samsung has worked this year to polish one of his star in the mid-range products. It promises to give a lot of sales level for its balance in all sections. This tablet today becomes one of the most interesting options for its value.

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