Samsung's latest patent even directly copying Apple Watch -


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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Samsung's latest patent even directly copying Apple Watch

Copying competitor's product as patent FIG. Who can do it? The answer is Samsung. The latest patent file recently USPTO exposure Samsung smart design watches, which are associated with each graph completely Apple Watch the official online Pic exactly the same, including contour angles are also identical, without a will, then people misunderstand Samsung for Apple Watch patent it?

Samsung and Apple's lawsuit to date are still not over yet, Samsung has recently with the United States Patent and Trademark Office review, please submit a wearable device application, the contents of the file explicitly described smart wristwatch strap installation, but the patent documents rendered picture, indeed entirely in accordance with the Apple watch looks drawn style, compared to its own line of watches Gear S difference is too far away.

But this time the Samsung Why would Apple Watch strap from a source of inspiration, because most live if the IDC data show that the world's best-selling smart watch is Apple Watch, has a 72% market share, while Samsung is in second place but only only 7% market share, Samsung will wonder whim resumes imitate opponents.

Apple Watch vs Samsung patent FIG.

Left to Apple's official website Apple Watch product plans, right is Samsung patent map, similarity of 95%, only a small surface side of the button.

Table with leather loop 100% similarity. (Apple / Samsung)

This is Samsung's patent diagram illustrating strap installation, if there is the feeling of deja vu? Apple Watch a look back to see them more.

The figure is not wrong illustrating Samsung specifically within the 100% match is modeled entirely designed Apple Watch.

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