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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Several models of Apple Watch and be on their way AirPods Wireless

This morning we mentioned that the Apple Watch 2 could have two different models , one high - end GPS and barometer. Well, now new information appearing on the network confirm the existence of several models of Apple Watch, as well as a wireless AirPods, confirming the elimination of 3.5mm iPhone 7.

Rumors suggest that the Sept. 7 Apple will unveil the new iPhone in July , but some believe that also use the occasion to present to the world the Apple Watch 2. Some documents leaked on the net about trademark applications expose a series of new portable devices Apple, which seem to be different versions of the Apple Watch 2.

But without doubt one of the most interesting things is the confirmation of the existence of a wireless AirPods, which could come accompanying the iPhone in July. And it took several months hearing about the possibility that Apple remove the headphone jack of your future flagship.

Two iPhone Ten Watch and wireless headphones

This document reveals the existence of two smartphone, which would be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as a series of identifications of models for Apple Watch, neither more nor less than ten in total. the Apple Watch is currently divided into three ranges: Sport, Watch and Watch Edition, so those ten identifiers model indicate that Apple will launch more than a new Apple Watch 2 in three different ranges.

Apparently, the US company would be working on a new line of hardware for the Apple Watch, possibly with faster processors, and other internal improvements. But perhaps most interesting is the appearance of a wireless AirPods, these headphones will accompany the iPhone 7?

After so many months rumored removal or not the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 this information comes stronger than ever. So, with these wireless AirPods users would have to use a Bluetooth connection to use, but there are also those who believe that Apple will launch about the same as the Lightning connector EarPods but with headphones.

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