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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Siri Humana will be more when iOS10 Officially Arrive

By far, Siri voice assistant is the most comprehensive account. With the shadow of Duo and Cortana on the horizon, Apple does not have any fear of Google and Microsoft with its new and challenging proposals. In a few weeks we will have the opportunity to see a keynote unprecedented. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will accompany the presentation to the public of the final version of iOS 10 with its secret functions . This will come with a better, more humane and endearing Siri.

According Backchannel, the Cupertino are working on a new technology based on deep neural network. The head of development of Siri, Tom Gruber said that while answers wizard voice still automatically choose from a huge database and recorded phrases, with this technology Siri will learn automatically to soften and humanize the answers given . And could improve voice recognition Siri with a trick , but not humanize.

The voice of our dear Siri has been criticized on more than one occasion both holders of Apple devices like the rest of haters of other systems. Recently, the singer Barbra Streisand called Apple CEO Tim Cook to complain about how Siri pronounces his name. Since then, the company committed to improve and solve all the problems that suggest based on Siri's voice, and IOS 10 will be the time.

The company has been working on this new technology since 2014, but has not been until now when it has been made ​​public. Siri now better understand the orders we give it. Apple has many people working day after day in machine learning technologies for their devices, such as rejection at the touch of the hand when using Apple Pen for iPad Pro, and other features that will make iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus , iPad Pro and other gadgets of the best company around and more human in their interventions in our daily lives.

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