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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Solving the problem of verification iOS update

Many users who install iOS updates are a problem where a pop -up message that says "Checking update ..." appears on the screen. This is a fairly common problem and is annoying because while being checked iOS update, all iPhone or iPad is unusable.

Fortunately, fixing this problem on an iPhone or iPad is really easy for almost all cases.

Note that at the message "Verifying Update" is not always an indicator of a problem and is perfectly normal to appear on the screen of an iOS device update status for a while. In addition, the verification process may take a minute or two or more.

Most of the time, the message "Verifying the update ..." will be resolved only and will not pose major problems. Once the verification process is complete, the iOS update will begin.

If you are absolutely sure that updating iOS is really stuck in the screen "Verifying Update", follow these steps:

Use the power button:

The first step is to simply press the button on the device a few times.

This will force the device to lock the screen to re-activate again each time you repeat the process. Repeat this several times so soon, waiting a few seconds between each press, because for some reason, this may solve the problem.

You will notice if this maneuver works, when you see the device screen goes black and the Apple logo appears, followed by a progress bar update iOS. Once the Apple logo and progress bar appears, let the software update is installed.

Reboot and try again:

If you have had a good time and the trick start button does not work, you can try to force the device to reboot by holding down the power key and the start until the Apple logo appears.

Once the device has rebooted, try reinstalling the operating system upgrade.

Restore with iTunes:

If it does not work the trick power button and tried with a forced restart but no case will have to restore your device with iTunes.

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