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Friday, 19 August 2016

Soon you can use WhatsApp by Siri

With the arrival of iOS 10 Apple has taken a step further and opened the doors of Siri to third - party developers. As did some time ago with third-party keyboards, now it is the turn to personal voice assistant iOS.

So far Siri was quite restricted when to interact with third - party applications through it, but from iOS 10 this will change. The US company will make available to third party developers Siri API so that if they want their applications to a deeper integration with the voice assistant.

It seems that the guys from WhatsApp have already set to work to get it. And according to a leak recently appeared on the network, it will soon be able to interact with the messaging service through Siri.

It is possible to send WhatsApp messages and call through Siri

WhatsApp, the service most instant messaging world, could be very soon increased integration with Siri. By breaking the permissions that the new version of iOS WhatsApp uses, one of which clearly it indicates that Siri will be able to manage calls and direct them to WhatsApp.

As can be seen in the displayed image under these lines, it is said that this allows use Siri to send and read messages quickly and make calls. At the moment it is not available, but it will soon be possible to tell Siri something like "Hey Siri, call David with WhatsApp" and the wizard automatically establish the call through that application.

With regard to messages from PhoneArena they comment Siri will also be able to send WhatsApp messages. On the other hand, you can also read that you receive aloud, a feature very useful when you are with your hands busy or driving, for example.

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