Spotify denies hiding the albums of the artists who signed with Apple Music

During the last hours it has come to light various information accusing Spotify to hide albums of the artists who decide to sign with Apple Music exclusives.

How could it be otherwise, Spotify has been quick to deny these accusations, but from Bloomberg ensure that information reaches it sources very close and who know the strategy that the company has decided to follow.

Apparently, the strategy of Spotify would be the songs of artists who sign with Apple Music exclusives not appear in the most relevant sites of the application, something that even some of them have denounced.

How I said, this has been denied by Spotify, though Universal Music Group has banned all artists to grant exclusivity to Apple Music, which seems to have prevented Lady Gaga can present your album exclusively for the music service streaming Apple, so we can not confirm that Spotify is not doing the same.

What do you mean about that?
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