Starting a game Pokemon Go has doubled sales of external batteries for smartphones -


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Monday, 8 August 2016

Starting a game Pokemon Go has doubled sales of external batteries for smartphones

External vendors batteries, additional battery cases for smartphones are rubbing their hands.

According to the research agency The NPD Group, 10 to 23 July sales of portable chargers in the United States totaled 1.2 million copies, a figure that exceeds the indicators of 2015 by 101%. This explosive growth of two weeks, starting explain the game Pokemon Go, as well as in previous months, the gap with last year did not exceed 4%.

Pokémon fishing in augmented reality mode requires tracking and monitoring of the movements that consumes much energy. To not be in the wrong time with downloaded smartphone, users are massively buying redundant power supplies.

Game with elements of augmented reality Pokemon Go was released on July 6. The aim of the project is searching, fishing and virtual training of pocket monsters, and battle with other players at certain points.

On August 5 Pokemon Go banned in Iran. The decision was taken by the Superior council virtual space - official by the supervisory body line activity. It has not detailed what game it harms the population.

In Malaysia, the State Committee of sharia, the law also forbade Muslims in the country to play Pokemon Go. Spiritual authorities have made that decision "for the welfare of Muslims", and taking into account the "negative effects" of the game.

Earlier it was reported that peterburgueses, geeks fishing "pocket monsters" will try especially in rehabilitation centers, приравняв this game to these dependencies, such as drugs, alcohol or food.

In the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in general I decided to prepare treatment in the prosecution, Роскомнадзор and ministry of communications with the requirement to limit the Pokemon Go in the country, until the intelligence services are not tested.

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