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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Takes the potential of your camera with the tweak CameraTweak 4 (jailbreak)

One of the most complete jailbreak tweaks for iOS camera application is CameraTweak 4 and has been updated with full support for iOS 9 in this week.

The tweak basically takes many of the features that can have several applications from the App Store third which makes no need to download other apps for the App Store camera. With CameraTweak 4 you can not only improve your iPhone photos, but can also improve your videos as tweak adds features photo and video setting in the application.

CameraTweak 4 pictures:

CameraTweak 4 provides an interface all in one, integrated directly into the default camera application on your iPhone. You can hide and show the additional features by clicking on the button shaped camera.

Among the features provided by the tweak for iPhone, which highlight are:

  • ISO Manual
  • separate focus and white balance
  • White balance lock
  • Open configuration
  • Various guides photography
  • Interval timer
  • Self-portraits mirrorless

With these features, you can better control the focus and exposure, rather than the automatic software Apple is not good to capture.

In addition to improving the appearance of the photograph of the default camera application, CameraTweak 4 also is based on the video recording functionality.

CameraTweak 4 video recording:

If you are looking for better quality video capture, then CameraTweak 4 comes with several accessories that will help this purpose, among them are:
Manual selection of quality

  • FPS manual settings
  • Change video stabilization
  • Pause and resume video capture
  • White balance settings

To access the new configuration in the video capture mode, just enter the "Video" section of the camera application you will see two new buttons quality and FPS to the right of the record button. Simply press and then make the necessary adjustments.

The tweak is available in the repository BigBoss Cydia and costs about $ 1.49.

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